How It Works

How It Works

Find out why Black Businesses need to list their business on our platform

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WeLoveBlack.Biz is a platform that helps Black Businesses market themselves and be found by those wanting to support their businesses. We aim to help the black business community through our website and by providing resources for business owners and entrepreneurs.

WeBlack.Biz offers a simple way to connect with potential customers in your neighborhood, allowing you to take a step back from marketing your business so you can focus on your service or products.

This is a location where black businesses can connect with those who are looking to do business with them. This is a safe place for black entrepreneurs, franchisees, and others to connect and build the black economic environment.

Add your Black Business to the WeLoveBlack.Biz directory

Create an Account

Creating a listing account with WeLoveBlack.Biz is easy. Simply go to “Add My Business” within our menu, and you are halfway there.

Add images, videos, and more so that users may find your business far easier within their area.

Submit Your Black Business Listing

Submitting a listing using our directory is super simple, we’ve made entering the address of your place easy. Just walk through our “Add Your Listing” information and submit all items that will allow users to become knowledgeable of what services you provide.

You can even customize your listing with amazing imagery to make sure that your business stands out.

See your listing and need to claim it? 

We are working on the claiming feature so that you may claim the black owned business that you own. 

Listings without a verification check have been created by the site administrators from trusted sources and city wide lists.

Submit Your Black Business Listing
How Black Businesses are Confirmed

How Black Businesses are Confirmed

We verify black owned businesses with a network of individuals, business owners and community leaders within the area. This website is also evaluated on a regular basis to ensure that the correct businesses are listed and so that the integrity of these lists remains as high as possible. Please submit all and accurate information upon adding your listing so that the verification process can take place for your profile and listings.

Images that do not align with the messaging of this platform will be removed, contacted and removed, as well as any communication that is negative towards businesses that does not truly speak to the meaning of these listings. This includes but is not limited to: nudity, profanity, slander, pornography, and more.

Only confirmed black (African-American) owned businesses will be verified.

Choose Your Package

Here’s a quick walkthrough on how to choose your package and get your business listed within a couple of minutes.

Top Reasons to Join the Black Directory

We’ll Also Help You…

Gain Exposure

We’ll put your business front and center, in front of people and potential customers who are truly looking to support you.

Get Googleable

When potential customers Google your business, there’s a high chance that this website will pop up first in the search results with ratings and reviews adding more credibility to your business and its offerings.

Receive Funding

Black communities and their businesses are often underrepresented when it comes to funding opportunities. Through this initiative, we are starting our own fund to allocate and give back to businesses in need.

Improve and Build Your Network

Imagine having your own agent dedicated to connecting you with target business contacts. Well, that’s what you get when you join our community. WLBB & WSBB is your ultimate gateway to connect and collaborate with fellow member’s businesses.