Here you will find commonly asked questions and answers

1. Are all businesses in the directory Black-owned?

Yes. If you find a listed business which is not Black-owned, please report it so that we can remove it or deactivate it until we resolve the ownership doubts.

2. Is it free to list your business on the WeLoveBlack.Biz Directory?

It isn’t free but we have plans as low as just $4.95/month and offer a free 30-day trial with all plans.

3. Why isn’t your service free and why should I pay to get listed in the directory?

WeLoveBlack.Biz is the most popular and affordable directory on the market. We give you more features than any other directory in the market.
We also give you a free trial before you have to pay for anything.
Our paid features cost only a fraction of what other directories charge.

4. Is a credit card needed to take advantage of your free trial offer?

No.  We won’t even ask you for payment info upfront.  We hope that you enjoy the listing so much and appreciate the movement that we’re doing here, that when it’s time to provide the payment details a month or so later, you’ll happily sign up.

It’s also a tax write-off for your business.

5. Which payment methods do you take?

Our preferred method is PayPal which is secure and trusted by millions (for accepting credit card or PayPal account payments), We will be shortly introducing Stripe payments, Similar to PayPal.

6. What is the difference between the plans?

The Coffee Plan is our most basic plan and allows you to add two locations for your business. You may add up to 10 photos in your listing, add 2 categories, display your business hours, search tags, earn rewards which will show as badges that you can use to purchase the premium plan.

The Black Plan allows you to add up to eight locations for your business. You may add up to 30 photos in your listing, add up to 6 categories, display your business hours, search tags,  earn rewards, add up to 3 videos, add files such as menus or brochures, add an owner bio, get contacted by visitors and display your promotions.

See full details.

7. Who should list a business on your site?

WLBB is not just for business owners. We want every Black person who owns a business, service, organization, or talent to list it here on WLBB.

If you are an actor, we want you to list. If you are an artist, author, etc. we want you to list. If you have a book club or motorcycle club we want you to list it. So let the world know about your talent or organization by using our platform.

8. Are all types of businesses eligible?

No unfinished, under construction, pornography, or violent sites will not be accepted into our directory.

9. How do I submit my business?

This can be done a number of ways. To add your business to our directory, please click on “Add y Business” in the top right hand corner of the screen, or by creating a new account by registering here.

10. Can you list your business on WeLoveBlack.Biz if you are not Black or of African decent?

No. Although if your business partner is Black or African descent and owns at least 50% of the business, then the business may be listed.

How is a person determined to be Black?

For the purposes of this site, you must have the visual characteristics of a person of color. 100% identifiable as a black person or a descendant of Africa.

Is WeLoveBlack.Biz owned by a Black person?

Yes. 100% Black Owned.

The owner is Brennen Jones and you can read more about him here.

Does a company that wants to advertise on your site need to be Black-owned?

No. Anyone can purchase banners or ad space on our site, but only Black-owned businesses may be listed in the directory.

I created my business profile some time ago, why hasn’t it been approved?

We might have been unable to verify that your business was at least 50% black owned. You can contact us to rectify the situation.

I created my business profile, how do i edit/update the information?

Checkout our “How To” videos which provides visuals and written instructions.

I created my business profile, how do i edit/update the information?

Checkout our “How To” videos which provides visuals and written instructions.

Is WeLoveBlack.Biz a racist website?

No. WLBB provides a specific service. Many consumers are looking to patronize businesses which are owned by blacks or African Americans and search directories such as WLBB to find them.

Do I have to add my Logo and pictures?

No, but it is best if you do add pictures. Adding pictures will help with branding your business as it allow people to see your products or the end result of your services.

My business profile was active on the site, but i can’t find it. Was it removed? If so why?

Reasons why your business may have been removed or deactivated:

  • It was reported as not being a Black owned business
  • You don’t have a contact number for customers or WLBB management to call
  • Your site has been reported by google or bing and our link to your site causes our site to be reported.

My business was just added and approved. Why don’t i see it in Recently added businesses?

If your business was just added and approved, reasons you may not see it on the recently added page are:

  • The page has not been updated yet. Check back later or the next day and you will see your listing.
  • You have not added any pictures to represent your listing. On the Recently added business page, we will only display businesses which have a logo or picture to represent the business. 

You said free gifts. How do I get those?

We sent those out automatically every month. They are always a mystery and can range from stickers to headbands to collabs with other brands.

Are there any topics/businesses that are not accepted for your marketing and article packages?

We can not accept articles about offensive, objectionable, or illegal subject matter. Guns, alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, legal cases, negative press, loans, multi-level marketing, dating sites, 3rd party companies, and more. Please read this full list of banned topics:

  • No negative news about any 3rd party person, company, government, country, religion, or race.
  • No ICOs/Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency
  • No Forex trading (books/courses teaching how ok)
  • No Dating apps or websites
  • No Adult and Sex (even the word ‘sex’)
  • No Sexual reproductive health
  • No Articles about underwear, lingerie, bras, or undergarments
  • No Guns / Weapons
  • No Alcohol
  • No Illicit Drugs, Marijuana, or CBD (including Cannabis or Legal CBD)
  • No Tobacco / Vaping
  • No Cosmetic procedures and body modification (i.e. Plastic Surgery)
  • No Job discrimination by race or gender
  • No Money making scams / MLM
  • No Online gambling
  • No Loans, cash advances, nor any lending
  • No Credit repair / debt settlement / debt management / credit health
  • No Legal cases / litigation
  • No Nutritional Supplements or articles with medical claims / hormones
  • No Articles containing illegal or unethical behavior on the part of another party, such as kidnapping, torture, etc
  • No Buying likes followers and views for social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc
  • No Affiliate marketing links or Hoplinks
  • No Phone unlock/phone jailbreaking content
  • No Weight loss products
  • No Websites flagged as potential malware threats
  • No Articles related to Bail Bonds
  • No Hiring / auditioning for fashion models
  • No Content related to Live streaming or broadcasting
  • No Content related to COVID-19 testing kits